Ra' Supreme

Ra’ Supreme, jewelry designed to honor the supreme masculine power of Sun.

 Kole Jewel  Ra’ Supreme, designed to channel the power of the Sun. Each design uses various semi-precious stones such as onyx to release negative emotions, hematite to dissolve negativity, pyrite for protection, moonstone for new beginnings stimulate positive thoughts, jade for purity, lapis lazuli to enhance insight and confidence, turquoise for purification, coral to strength life blood and life force, citrine for success, and amber for your waist beads to sweeten your journey while you walk your path.

Keywords: belly beads, waist beads, waist jewelry, moonstone, citrine, jade, onyx, hematite, coral

Maya Louisa founded Kolé Jewel in 2012. Maya Louisa’s designs are inspired by the beauty of traditional African culture. All rights reserved.