lapis lazuli ~ enhances awareness, insight, and deep peace. inspires confidence. used by ancient Egyptians to access sacred knowledge. a stone of royalty.

turquoise ~ purification stone, excellent for depression, dispels negative energy, alleviates cramps & pain. calming state of self-realization, intuition, and positive thinking.
crystal ~ a stone which brings mental focus, purifies mentally/physically/spiritually, excellent for meditation, brings harmony to the soul.

smokey quartz ~ excellent grounding stone. brings emotional calmness, promotes positive thoughts & action. enhances virility & cleanses the base chakra so passion can flow naturally.

pyrite ~ powerfully protective against negative vibrations and energy. encourages ideal health & emotional well-being. enhances memory.

~~ crystal healing is meant to be used in conjunction with, not in place of traditional medical care

Yue Fei

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