Maya Louisa, founder and designer of Kolé Jewel was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Inspired by the beauty of traditional African culture, Maya has been wearing and designing waist beads since the age of 10.


As a dancer who has travelled throughout Europe, South America, and the Caribbean; Maya Louisa has melded her knowledge of the body with her artistry in order to create Kolé Jewel.


Kolé Jewel (pronounced Kho-lay) was founded in 2012. All Kolé Jewel’s pieces are hand made with exceptional quality semi- precious stones, harnessing the powerful healing energy of the earth. Utilizing a keen eye for beauty and attention to detail, Kolé Jewel pieces blend the majesty of the old with the intensity of the new, yielding exotic expressions of passion, sensuality, and divine femininity.


Kolé Jewel’s exquisite pieces are crafted for those with the style and grace to wear stunning art work.